GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse

The GamiFi Everything podcast helps prepare you for your digital future. Host Monica Miller chats with the top innovators and thought leaders in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

GamiFi is the launchpad of choice for Metaverse, Play to Earn, or blockchain-enabled games.

GamiFi Everything: Beyond the Metaverse-Episode 1

A Conversation with Big Esports Founder/CEO Chris Smith

Episode 1 of the podcast welcomes Chris Smith, the Founder, and CEO of BIG Esports. Chris is a former competitive gaming professional who now leads an influencer marketing agency helping brands authentically engage gamers. In 2020, he published a list of predicted trends for the gaming industry in 2021, including NFTs. Chris and his team are currently helping blockchain gaming, and metaverse brands expand from their “crypto bro” base into the mainstream gaming audience.

In this episode, Chris shares his perspective on what blockchain gaming and metaverse companies need to help gamers accept NFTs in games. He also drops gems about his trend predictions for the gaming industry in 2022. As a reminder, the GamiFi token launch will be on January 18th on Launchpool and PancakeSwap.

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