The Fights with Friends Podcast Debuts On The RAGE Works Podcast Network This Summer.

Queens, NY, April 1, 2024 — This summer, the RAGE Works Podcast Network will welcome Stephen Koepfer and Paul Varacchi's brand-new podcast, Fights with Friends, to the RAGE Works Podcast Network family. Paul and Steve have storied careers in the industry as martial artists, stuntmen, and filmmakers, and they will be bringing those experiences to the Fights with Friends podcast. Each episode will be a deep dive into a fight from either a television show or film with Stephen or Paul or alongside a guest. Fans of action films and fight choreography will be in for a treat, learning the techniques behind their favorite fight scenes while also getting an analysis of fights they are not familiar with. Couple that with plenty of amazing behind-the-scenes stories from both the hosts and their guests.

The RAGE Works Podcast Network is renowned for its diverse lineup of shows, which cover a wide range of topics, including gaming, pop culture, combat sports, entrepreneurship, and more.

“We are excited to welcome Fights with Friends to the RAGE Works family,” said Rich Butler, Founder of RAGE Works and the RAGE Works Podcast Network. Their passion for combat in film and television, infectious energy, and dedication to delivering high-quality content match up perfectly with our mission here at RAGE Works, both for our written content and our podcast content. We look forward to working together to bring the Fights with Friends podcast to our audience.”

When Fights with Friends debuts, listeners can expect some good beers, engaging content, and insightful commentary. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring special guests, exclusive interviews, and even more exciting content.

For more information on Fights with Friends, check out their page on IMDB. Join the conversation on social media by following Fights with Friends on Facebook (, Instagram (, and YouTube ( Fans looking to support the podcast can also join the Fights with Friends Patreon for exclusive listener perks.

Watch this space for new episodes, which will be available wherever you consume podcasts.

About Fights with Friends:
What do you get when you mix movies, fights, friends, and local beer? You get the FIGHTS WITH FRIENDS PODCAST. For decades, these battles of film knowledge have taken place on couches, in theaters, on bar stools, and in the gym between (sometimes during) sparring sessions. Paul and Steve are career martial artists, stuntmen, and filmmakers who have never kept their opinions to themselves…EVER. For some reason we think you would dig it. With so many great fight films analyzed and dissected and even more left untouched, Steve and Paul take to the airwaves with a guest each episode for a deep dive into a singular fight scene from a film or television show that will lead down a rabbit hole any fight and stunt nerd would go to the mat to be a part of.

About RAGE Works:
RAGE Works is a premier multimedia company specializing in podcasting, gaming, entertainment, tech, and pop culture. With a diverse lineup of shows covering a wide range of topics, including combat sports, video games, tech, entrepreneurship, movies, and television, the RAGE Works Podcast Network is committed to delivering high-quality content that entertains, informs, and inspires audiences worldwide.

Richard Butler