Fight In Sight Podcast-Episode 161 | Kelsey De Santis

I Will Quit MMA if I Lose the Rematch! – FIS Ep. 161 ft. PFL's Kelsey De Santis

Kelsey De Santis may have lost a controversial split decision at PFL vs. Bellator against Claressa Shields, but that wasn't the only thing weird about the fight. They removed her elbows (knowing that was one of her keys to success) a day before the fight. They didn't include her in interviews or media days. They didn't add her to the open workout. They increased their weight by almost 20 pounds above what was agreed to mere weeks before… What was going on?!?! Add to that the comments made by the commentary team and the media's reporting of the fight. Weird. But Kelsey is here to talk about it all, lays out the rematch clause, and discusses her future with the organization! We also set her up on a date. You have to watch or listen!

And try not to skip right to the incredible and exclusive interview with Kelsey De Santis because Raine and Timmy first talk about the weird stuff going on at ONE FC: why one guy has three titles and what that says about the depths of their roster, why The Monkey God lost his title, and why the crowd was so happy for a DQ…

Don't miss it!!!

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