Fight In Sight Podcast-Episode 162 | LFA Champion Shannon Clark

I Think She May Go To Jail For What She Did!!! – FIS Ep.162 ft. LFA Champion Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark is a killer! She's 5-0 and just delivered the Submission of the Year for 2024! And it's only March!

Meet one of Canada's top prospects, hear about her very strange training techniques, and learn what the MMA BARBIE has planned for her future in this week's episode of the Fight In Sight podcast.

But first, Raine and Timmy are joined by another fantastic Canadian fighter, Alana “The Alanamal” Cook, to recap our interview with PFL's Kelsey De Santis and all the drama she revealed last week on the show and give our impressions on the Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul boxing match?!?! Yep… It's real. And it's not spectacular. In the comments for the video version, let us know if you think this fight is real or fake!

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