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Fight In Sight Podcast-Episode 142 | Fatima Kline

The UFC Dream, Nasty Staph Infections, and MMA PROTIPS – FIS Ep.142 ft. Fatima “The Archangel” Kline

UFC hopeful and rising star, the undefeated Fatima Kline, joins the podcast to discuss her upcoming championship fight at the Cage Fury Fighting Championships on November 3 LIVE on Fight Pass! From her love of smoothies, her fighting family, and her horrible knowledge of X-Men and video games, you're going to absolutely be a fan of Fatima after watching this podcast!!! PLUS: Raine and Timmy B discuss nasty staph infections and how Viktoriia Dudakova should be punished, why you need to stop taking short notice fights, and when you can piledrive someone's head into the canvas!

#themoreyouknow It's a fun episode, so what are we waiting for?! LETS TALK!!!

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