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Fight In Sight Podcast-Episode 141 | Invicta FC’s Shannon Knapp

PFL's ESPN deal, UFC vs. USADA, and so Much More! – FIS Ep.141 ft. Invicta FC's Shannon Knapp!

Invicta FC has been the leading organization putting women's MMA on the map since 2012, and the founder and president Shannon Knapp joins the show to talk about her success, where Invicta is headed, and what PFL, Bellator, and ONE FC need to do to be successful! Can they survive on investor money alone? Is there even room in the market for so many number 2s?! We discuss it all!!!

PLUS: Raine and Timmy B. break down the drama between the UFC and USADA. What did each side say? Was it that bad? Is there grounds for a defamation suit? And why is Gordon Ryan so juiced?!?! 🙂

It's a fun episode, so what are we waiting for?! LET'S TALK!!!

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