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Hosted BySebastian "Chosen1" Burton, Marcus "Esports" Howard, Tamika "RedinFamy" Moultrie, Derek "Mr. Dope Work" Watford

The Eat 4 Life podcast is the world's leading podcast for entrepreneurship in esports, VR, and various digital entertainment. Hosted by former professional gamer Sebastian "Chosen1" Burton, Blockchain and indie games expert Marcus "Esports" Howard, gaming journalist, and media personality Tamika "RedinFamy" Moultrie, and esports developer and branding strategist Derek Watford, this podcast is the world's number one resource for taking a look inside the gaming industry from a financial and cultural standpoint. So if you want to learn how to profit from your passion and see how the industry's brightest stars are capitalizing on the "4th industrial revolution," there is no podcast better than #Eat4Life.

The Eat 4 Life Podcast-Episode 6

Sebastian “Chosen1” Burton: A Deep Dive Into Sales Funnels

In this week’s episode of the Eat 4 Life Podcast, Sebastian takes centerstage to breakdown sales funnels and their importance in the new digital ecosystem. You’ll learn step by step how to bring customers to your website and, most importantly, how to convert those visitors into consumers.

The hosts will also be taking listener questions via LinkedIn Live and Clubhouse. Some lucky listeners will get a chance to win some tickets, including a VIP pass to next week’s Summit from Synapse Florida, which will feature a keynote Daymond John.  The winner of the VIP pass will get access to exclusive programming and session from the event.

There is also some NBA Topshot conversation breaking down card scarcity and much more, and we even get some packs opened live on air this week.

The Eat 4 Life Podcast is intro music is by Ryan Little

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