The views expressed on air during Call Me When It’s Over do not represent the views of the RAGE Works staff, partners or affiliates. Listener discretion is advised. Show Notes  “The Struggle Is Real!” The kid is in rare form tonight! Your girl's favorite artist is on a roll this week. Easing his way to 100 episodes, here’s episode 97 of Call Me When It’s Over. On this week's show, “The Struggle Is Real”, Josiesboy is letting everyone know that beggars can’t be choosers. Highlights Bruno Mars and his lack of blackness. H&M is the devil! (Possibly lol) Art movies and the people who love them. Follow Call Me When It’s Over on Instagram. @CallMeWhenItsOver_ Follow the host of Call Me When It’s Over on Instagram. @Josiesboy @callmewhenitsover_ Follow Josies Boy on Snapchat Josies_Boy Buy Josies Boy art Check out Call Me When It’s Over’s Sponsor Plastic Hxllywxxd                  Listener Info Please take a moment and rate the RAGE Works Network and/or app on iTunes. Become a fan of RAGE Works on