The views expressed on air during Call Me When It’s Over do not represent the views of the RAGE Works/My Take Radio staff, partners or affiliates. Listener discretion is advised. Show Notes  “New York never died, it just upgraded” The only way to move the culture forward is to keep putting out dope content. It looks like Josies Boy is doing just that with another dope episode of Call Me When It’s Over! This time around he sat down with someone who's all about the culture, Nunneh Nimley (@trillnimley). If you want to hear two kings trade gems back and forth then look no further, you'll thank me later….. Highlights: Growing up as a first-generation American in an African household. Can battle rap go any further? New York is still great (sometimes) Links Follow the host of Call Me When It’s Over on Instagram. @Josiesboy Follow Josies Boy on Snapchat Josies_Boy Buy Josies Boy art Check out Call Me When It’s Over’s Sponsor Plastic Hxllywxxd                  Listener Info Please take a moment and rate the show and/or app on iTunes. Become a fan of RAGE Works on