Call Me When It’s Over-Episode 186

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Show Notes

“Soul Food for Thought”

As the countdown to episode 200 continues, your favorite duo keeps the culture going. Here’s episode 186 of Call Me When It’s Over. On this week's show, “Soul Food for Thought”, Josiesboy (@josiesboy) and Alexis (@alonafuss) chop it up with the multi-faceted Rev. Kyndra Frazier. A great friend to the show and an extremely accomplished figure in the culture.


  • How do we kill the stigma of therapy in the black and brown communities?
  • The “right” language and “right” language for you. What’s the difference?
  • Behind the scenes of Kyndra Frazier’s film A Love Supreme: Black, Queer, and Christian in the South
  • The importance of taking a deep breath

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