Call Me When It’s Over-Episode 180

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Show Notes

“Do You Know Willy Lump Lump?”

I don’t know if you’ve heard, it’s freezing outside. That’s right, winter is fast approaching. No worries, we’re here to keep you sad with episode 180 of Call Me When It’s Over!. On this weeks show, “Do You Know Willy Lump Lump?”, Josiesboy (@josiesboy) and Alexis (@alonafuss) both agree that cut offseason is all year around. Also on this weeks episode:


  • Dealing with depressing during the holidays.
  • Wrap it up!: When’s the last time you were tested?
  • The importance of sexual history conversations in relationships.
  • It’s cut off time! How can you tell exactly who in your life is toxic?

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