Black is the New Black-Episode 35

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Show Notes

The debauchery gets turned up to astronomical levels this week as the fellas were joined by Vida and Kym plus the week in Hip-Hop was chock full of way too many crazy things to ignore.  Here are just some of the items that are on deck for this episode.

  • Sports
    • AFC & NFC championship games
    • Superbowl 50
    • Why does Cam Newton have so many negative things being said about him?
  • Nerd Sh**
    • No nerd talk this week as sports and hip-hop had a lot going on.
  • Hip-Hop
    • Kanye West loses it on Twitter and the fallout from that situation
    • Ben & Taylor discuss slut shaming with Vida and Kym.
    • Ben updates us on his nuptials
    • Porn mishaps?


This episode had a long of strong language and sex heavy conversations so as per Ben this show is Super NSFW!



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