Black is the New Black-Episode 34

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Show Notes

Ready for a fresh serving of sports, hip-hop and nerd sh**? Ben & Taylor are ready to deliver with a fresh episode of Black is the New Black. Here are just some of the items that are on deck for this episode.

  • Sports
    • NFL playoffs and draft talk
  • Nerd Sh**
    • #OscarSoWhite and the lack of an African American presence at the Oscars both in front of the camera as well as behind.
    • Thoughts on Star Wars: Rogue One and the rumors of a Darth Vader appearance plus commentary on Star Wars: Rebels trailer
  • Hip-Hop
    • The latest happenings in the world of Hip-Hop get discussed

It wouldn’t be an episode of BitNB without ample debauchery as well which is all but guaranteed.



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  • Taylor: @KingOfTheChill_


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