Black is the New Black

Hosted ByBen, Taylor, and Jonesy

Hey, have you ever wanted to hear two black nerds chop it up about everything from sports to nerd culture and hip-hop culture? Well, you have come to the right podcast. Black is The New Black is here to scratch that itch you didn't know you had.

Black is the New Black-Episode 153

R&B isn't dead, and Ben and the crew are here to show you why that is, plus lots more in this week's all-new episode of Black is the New Black. Here is what else is on deck for the episode:

  • Sports
    • NBA free agency

  • Nerd S**t
    • FF16
    • Full Dune trailer
    • Three Body Problem trailer
    • Jobless Reincarnation Season 3
    • The official release date for JJK season 2
    • Marvel's Secret Invasion
    • Suicide Squad Isekai
    • The Flash bombs
    • AEW Fight Forever release

  • Wrestling
    • AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door
    • WWE Money in the Bank
    • NJPW 4th/5th shows
    • General AEW thoughts and happenings (Blood n Guts, JB Turn, Owen Hart Tournament, and ALL OUT)
    • ROH PPV is coming soon

  • Hip-Hop
    • R&B isn't dead; you're just old and lazy and don't use the internet properly.

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