Excuse Me S.I.R Course: Sidestep Self-Inflicted Pitfalls for Business Growth

In the latest episode of Atomic Business Coaching, Adam Hurd and Tom Marino bring you a new course that tackles self-inflicted responsibility, often bogging down entrepreneurs and side hustlers. Adam and Tom will explore how trusting your intuition, understanding the importance of flexibility, and dismantling rigid structures can remarkably enhance your productivity and business success.

Episode Highlights:

Importance of Self-Trust

  • Building trust in one's abilities and intuition.
  • Overcoming self-doubt through competence.
  • Setting boundaries and controlling one's reactions.

Intuitive Decision Making

  • Listening to gut instincts to enhance decision-making.
  • Distinguishing important signals from noise.

Flexibility in Business Practices

  • The dangers of setting overly rigid rules.
  • Maintaining the freedom to innovate and adapt.


03:07 Unnecessary self-inflicted responsibilities hinder completing important tasks.

07:26 Rules can hamper the progress of business owners.

10:25 Trusting yourself is vital for flexibility.

14:57 Self-understanding, competence, and trust shape confidence.

17:25 Trust yourself, manage responsibilities, and overcome self-doubt.

20:03 Public accountability increases motivation and self-trust.

24:10 Listen to your inner voice, personalize actions.

29:07 Unstructured approach to productivity for corporate workers.

31:53 Focus on one thing, maximize productivity and learn.

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