Attention Management Course: Mastering the Art of Attention Management for Better Productivity

In the latest episode of Atomic Business Coaching, Adam Hurd and Tom Marino dive deep into why managing your attention is even more crucial than managing your time.

Episode Highlights:

Positive Aspects of Daydreaming

  • Embracing daydreaming as a creative and restorative process.
  • How to harness daydreaming for better productivity.

Importance of Prioritizing and intention-setting

  • Prioritizing tasks to align attention with intentions.
  • The role of setting priorities in improving focus and productivity.
  • Techniques for being present and concentrated on specific tasks.

Deep Dive into the Four Quadrants of Attention

  • Description of the first quadrant: Reactive and Distracted.
  • Explanation of the second quadrant: Focused and Mindful.
  • Insights into the third quadrant: Daydreaming.
  • Understanding of the fourth quadrant: Flow.
  • Hosts' experiences with various quadrants and the role of intentions.


00:00 Effective time management leads to greater focus.

03:39 Focus on setting intentions to drive attention.

07:46 Intentional communication and productivity through attention management.

11:30 Maintaining control over attention leads to focus.

14:48 Setting intention, attention, and control for optimal performance.

18:52 Improving attention leads to better focus.

22:45 Start day with morning meeting to prioritize.

25:28 Manage priorities and attention for maximum productivity.

27:23 Focus on attention management and self-awareness.

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