Business Behavior Course: Business Behavior Mastery: Operating with Clarity and Focus

In the latest episode of Atomic Business Coaching, Adam Hurd and Tom Marino delve into the concept of ‘Business Behavior.' Discover how asking the right questions and refining your mindset can lead your business to new heights.

Episode Highlights:

  • Overcome fear: Learn to navigate the choppy waters of business anxiety with actionable tips for embracing a learning mindset.
  • Break the question barrier: Asking “how” and “what” to shape your operational tactics from budgeting to system building.
  • Combat multitasking: Uncover the secrets to prioritization, from single-tasking wizardry to the power of delegation.
  • Build your business identity: Tom and Adam dissect the transition from employee to owner—it's all about mindset!


  • Shed the employee mindset and step boldly into the role of an entrepreneur.
  • Strategic delegation can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and spotlight your zone of genius.
  • Overcome fear by asking the right questions: “How?” and “What?”

Atomic Action:

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  • 00:00 Beliefs shape behavior, which is crucial for business success.
  • 04:25 Business owners must clarify their multiple roles.
  • 09:10 Embrace beliefs, trust yourself, and learn from mistakes.
  • 13:02: How to make a sale effectively summarized.
  • 14:01 Sales success is within your reach already.
  • 19:46 Seek answers without judgment; trust your instincts.
  • 23:24 Hiring a virtual assistant for flexible support.
  • 24:43 Delegate, recognize, re-delegate, and eliminate tasks effectively.
  • 27:16 1. Step-by-step approach to behaving like a business owner

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