Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 56

Taking A Break Course: Embracing Breaks for Long-Term Business Success

As a dedicated entrepreneur, you might often worry about stepping away from your desk. But what if I told you that taking a break could skyrocket your productivity and revitalize your business mindset?

Tune in to this week's episode of Atomic Business Coaching and their latest course offering, titled Taking A Break, where your hosts, Adam Hurd and Tom Marino, discuss the vital practice of taking breaks to avoid burnout and keep our productivity engines running smoothly.

Episode Highlights:

  • Essential ‘Leave Strategies’: Learn how to ensure your business thrives in your absence.
  • Communication is Key: Discover the subtle art of informing your team and customers about your downtime effectively.
  • The Guilt-Free Break: Adam and Tom explore why you should never feel guilty for taking the break you deserve.
  • Responsibility Relay: Strategies on delegating duties so you can step away with peace of mind.
  • Breaking Smart: We outline how planning and committing to breaks can boost your business and well-being.
  • Vacation Time Tactics: Find out how to use meditation and planned breaks as tools for self-care and creativity boosts


  • Plan to Disconnect: Your business should empower you to take breaks. Structuring your operations to run without your constant oversight is possible and necessary.
  • Commit to Self-Care: Seize the benefits of breaks every 90 days for your mental and physical well-being. It's a needed investment in yourself and, by extension, your business.
  • Maintain Routine Post-Break: Jumping back in full-throttle post-break can be counterproductive. Ease into your regular rhythm to savor the rejuvenating effects of your time off.

 Atomic Action:

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  • 00:00 Importance of taking breaks for business owners.
  • 04:30 We are like batteries; energy comes from habits.
  • 06:48 A break from routine brings new perspectives and relaxation.
  • 12:37 Schedule breaks as crucial for self-care and restoration.
  • 13:42 Prepare for time off to avoid stress.
  • 16:45 Take regular breaks to avoid burnout.
  • 20:15 Commit fully to taking a rejuvenating break.
  • 24:13 Don't pile up work; focus on quality.
  • 26:43 Tom returned from vacation, overworked, and needed rest.
  • 29:35 Outro

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