Power Hour: Transform Your Business with Strategic Branding and Relationship Building

Are you ready to fuel your business's success with raw, powerful insights? Tune in to this week's episode of Atomic Business Coaching: Power Hour, where your hosts, Adam Hurd and Tom Marino, pull back the curtain on game-changing strategies for the ambitious purple-collar professional!

Episode Highlights:

• Adam and Tom dive deep into the Art of the Power Hour, a surefire plan dedicating 15-minute bursts to branding, marketing, and relationship building, punctuated with quick, energizing breaks. Find out why this technique is non-negotiable in your business playbook.

• Discover why revisiting your contact lists multiple times could be the key to making a lasting impression. The number game just became your favorite game!

• Branding gems from Adam: Why authenticity beats perfection every time, and how tools like personalized videos skyrocket your visibility.

• Tom's take on intentional selling: It's all about setting priorities, defining metrics, taking that leap to reach out, and… did someone say voice messaging?

• Hear firsthand how to transform the ‘fear of rejection' into rocket fuel, propelling you towards increased revenue and opportunities.

• Celebrate success, tackle the trials, and optimize every minute with our community! No one should navigate the business cosmos alone.


• Power Hour can be your biggest growth hack if you remain consistent!

• Relationship building isn't just a selling tactic; it's the bedrock of your business and personal growth.

• Metrics matter: Set them, hit them, and watch your business thrive.

 Atomic Action:

Ready to blaze a trail in your industry? Don't just listen; implement! Commit to your Power Hour this week and share your breakthroughs using #ABCPowerHourRAW. Let's hold ourselves accountable and conquer those milestones together!

 Need a business breakthrough? Our live sessions are just the ticket! Register today, and let's skyrocket your success in real time!

Remember, Atoms, applying consistent effort is the key to unleashing the explosive potential of your business. Your future clients are waiting – are you bold enough to make the first move?


00:00 Summary: Power Hour covers important business success areas.

04:37 Struggle in sales? Routine helps recover and build.

09:34 Business focus: revenue generation, strategic communication plan.

10:46 Branding is versatile, and repetition is acceptable.

14:07 Embrace the power of no in rejections.

18:47 Maintaining human connection through phone and marketing.

20:28 Be clear about your marketing intentions.

25:39 Set specific numbers to reach the desired results.

29:29 Prepare to spend more time naturally on tasks.

30:38 Fear is natural, which shows that it matters.

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