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Welcome to the Atomic Business Coaching Podcast! Join your hosts Adam T. Hurd (Business Advisor) and Tom Marino (Life Coach) as they delve into the world of small business owners and their unique challenges. With a perfect blend of personal growth and business leadership insights, Adam and Tom share real-world experiences from their coaching practice, effective tactics for overcoming obstacles, and practical methods to achieve success.

Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 44

A New Era for the ‘Purple Collar Professional'

In this week's episode of the Atomic Business Coaching podcast, Adam and Tom explain the term “purple collar” professional, which they use to describe individuals who are skilled in both physical and knowledge-based work and own a business. They highlight how these individuals usually grapple with balancing their varying work responsibilities and often turn to coaching for support. 

Tom explains that “blue-collar” involves hands-on labor, while “white-collar” work revolves around back-office operations such as negotiating contracts and reviewing documents. Adam adds that the role of a “purple collar” professional requires more labor, interacting with clients, using tools, and more physical work. 

Adam and Tom further clarify that a “purple-collar professional” must also balance the analytical aspects, which involve using their business acumen and computer skills to produce reports and perform tasks that don't necessarily involve physical labor. 

Adam points out that blue-collar workers who advance to managerial positions often find themselves juggling white-collar responsibilities as well, and the addition of business operations can be overwhelming. 

Tom relates that many purple-collar professionals approach them when they realize they need assistance, often feeling physically and mentally exhausted. 

Adam emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's strengths and delegating roles accordingly. They shared the example of a restoration company owner who delegated blue-collar tasks to focus on customer interactions and business growth. 

Adam and Tom stress the importance of their coaching program, “Find New Direction,” in helping purple-collar business owners identify areas they can delegate. 

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