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Hosted ByAdam Hurd & Tom Marino

Welcome to the Atomic Business Coaching Podcast! Join your hosts Adam T. Hurd (Business Advisor) and Tom Marino (Life Coach) as they delve into the world of small business owners and their unique challenges. With a perfect blend of personal growth and business leadership insights, Adam and Tom share real-world experiences from their coaching practice, effective tactics for overcoming obstacles, and practical methods to achieve success.

Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 43

Realigning Your Business Focus to Find New Direction 

Join Adam and Tom on a transformative journey in this week's episode of the Atomic Business Coaching podcast as they uncover obstacles hindering their business strategy and refocus on their core mission and clientele. 

In this candid conversation, Adam and Tom dive into the highs and lows of their business journey, realizing they've strayed from their original focus. They've unintentionally followed someone else's path instead of blazing their trail. 

They reflect on the disruption caused by veering off course and how it conflicts with their ultimate goals. They unveil how their pursuit of better marketing and social media practices has taken them further away from their expertise in shaping minds and empowering decision-makers. 

The duo shares a recent revelation: the advice they received, while expert and accurate, didn't align with their way of doing business or advising fellow business owners. They see the need to realign their strategy with their fundamental principles. 

Feeling lost, they implement their program, ‘Find New Direction,' realizing they overlooked their target market, ‘purple collar' workers – professionals who blend hands-on “blue collar” work with administrative “white collar” responsibilities. 

Adam and Tom introduce their product, the “90-day Sales Plan,” which involves effectively executing sales strategies over 90 days. They emphasize understanding the target market and the purpose behind selling. 

They stress the importance of the right mindset and execution strategy, mentioning daily mission reminders, attention management, and a strong commitment to the plan. 

Adam and Tom intend to offer the 90-day sales plan to individuals, groups, and through online and in-person workshops in Long Island, New York. They also mention expanding its use beyond personal and occasional use and offering it to the public. They invite interested parties to contact them via their online platforms to learn more about the workshop. 

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