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Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 29

Professional Employer Organization (PEO): How to Overcome HR Challenges

On this episode of the Atomic Business Coaching podcast, Adam and Tom sat down with Ryan Devlin from Insperity, one of the industry's leading Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). Ryan shed light on the invaluable role that PEOs play in providing a comprehensive HR compliance, payroll, and benefits solution for businesses. 

According to Ryan, PEOs like Insperity serve as turnkey solutions, easing the burden of time-consuming administrative tasks for business owners. By partnering with a PEO, businesses can focus their efforts on core activities and leave HR responsibilities to the experts.

However, the conversation went beyond the functional aspects of PEOs. Ryan emphasized the significance of instilling company values and fostering a positive work culture. He stressed that successful businesses prioritize aligning their values with those of their employees, creating an environment where everyone is motivated to perform at their best.

Insperity goes beyond just paperwork and regulations; they offer practical assistance to businesses in managing federal I-9 verifications, conducting background checks, and handling payroll. Their unique approach includes building lasting client relationships, focusing on longevity rather than quick transactions. 

One aspect that stood out was Ryan's description of himself as a quarterback, guiding a specialized team at Insperity to cater to each client's specific needs. Insperity saves businesses from the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors by removing administrative burdens and consolidating multiple services.

The advantages of partnering with a PEO are evident for businesses experiencing rapid growth, managing multi-state workforces, and navigating complex legal compliance. Insperity's training sessions for business owners, employees, and managers add further value by providing guidance in various areas of business operations.

Lastly, Ryan highlighted the importance of Insperity's book, “Take Care of Your People.” This guidebook offers nine core strategies to drive business results, with a strong focus on cultivating an exceptional company culture.

Overall, this podcast episode provided crucial insights into the power of PEOs and their pivotal role in supporting business success.

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