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Welcome to the Atomic Business Coaching Podcast! Join your hosts Adam T. Hurd (Business Advisor) and Tom Marino (Life Coach) as they delve into the world of small business owners and their unique challenges. With a perfect blend of personal growth and business leadership insights, Adam and Tom share real-world experiences from their coaching practice, effective tactics for overcoming obstacles, and practical methods to achieve success.

Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 23

Business Planning 101: How to 10X and Work Less

In this episode, Adam and Tom share their insights and experiences in the business planning process. They stress the significance of understanding all aspects of a business and the risks of neglecting a business plan. Additionally, they discuss their company's focus on growing and scaling businesses while refining their services for their target audience. 

Here are some key highlights: 

  • They identify the mission of Atomic Business Coaching as empowering small business owners to transition from self-employment to successful business ownership 
  • They reveal the uncomfortable but necessary nature of their business planning process, highlighting its enlightening effects. They have been carefully defining their business objectives and the services they will provide to clients. 
  • They underscore the importance of creating an annual business plan, as it offers a clear outline of goals and means to measure success. 

Adam and Tom see a business plan as a well-built machine with various parts serving different functions, such as branding, marketing, sales, operations, and customer service. They emphasize the need to thoroughly understand the daily tasks and timelines of each department in order to effectively allocate resources. They share that creating a business plan is an action in itself and serves as the foundation for the entire budgeting process. 

In conclusion, the discussion emphasizes the critical role of a well-crafted business plan in achieving 10x and working less. 

Tune in so you don't miss out on this valuable information that will help your business thrive! 

About: Adam and Tom have combined 4 Decades of experience working with business owners.   They have taken their previous work and combined it to build out programs that help overworked growing entrepreneurs who have no free time to overcome their burnout, build a plan and learn to delegate. This allows them to 10x by working less!   

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