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Welcome to the Atomic Business Coaching Podcast! Join your hosts Adam T. Hurd (Business Advisor) and Tom Marino (Life Coach) as they delve into the world of small business owners and their unique challenges. With a perfect blend of personal growth and business leadership insights, Adam and Tom share real-world experiences from their coaching practice, effective tactics for overcoming obstacles, and practical methods to achieve success.

Atomic Business Coaching-Episode 19

How to Supercharge: Tips from a Holistic Human Performance Expert

In the latest Atomic Business Coaching Podcast episode, Tom and Adam had the pleasure of speaking with Gena Bradshaw, a holistic health and wellness expert. Their discussion centered around the importance of prioritizing holistic health and wellness for entrepreneurs and business owners. Gena's approach to health and wellness includes mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects, which she believes are all equally important. Gena also revealed her plans to expand her practice by building a wellness center and publishing her second book. Her dedication to helping entrepreneurs achieve optimal health and well-being is truly inspiring. 

Here are key highlights from the episode: 

  • Gena Bradshaw, a holistic human performance expert, shared her journey of becoming a two-time cancer survivor, writing a book, and starting her own business. 
  • Gena emphasized the importance of understanding and adopting holism, the interconnection between mind, body, and soul, for a balanced life. 
  • Trusting one's body, turning challenges into opportunities, and opening up to the idea of healing were discussed as essential factors for personal growth and well-being. Gena developed the sacred connection method with five buckets: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetics, which she uses to develop her teachings, workshops, and health and wellness curriculum. 
  • Burnout, emotional toxicity, and self-awareness were identified as challenges entrepreneurs face in staying healthy and energized. 
  • The significance of maintaining vitality and self-care as a business owner was highlighted, as it positively impacts one's business, personal life, and relationships. 
  • Gena shared her approach to helping cancer patients and survivors by asking crucial questions about their trust in their bodies and guiding them through their healing journey.  
  • She has recently completed her second book and is in the process of publishing it.  
  • Her closing words are to “never give up; you're three feet from gold.” 

Gena can be found online at 

Instagram at @genabshaw, and on YouTube 

About: Adam and Tom have combined 4 Decades of experience working with business owners.   They have taken their previous work and combined it to build out programs that help overworked growing entrepreneurs who have no free time to overcome their burnout, build a plan and learn to delegate. This allows them to 10x by working less!   

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