Announcing the Debut of “David & Stu… Unhinged!” on the RAGE Works Podcast Network


Announcing the Debut of “David & Stu…Unhinged!” on the RAGE Works Podcast Network

Queens, NY – June 3, 2024 – The RAGE Works Podcast Network is thrilled to announce the latest addition to the RAGE Works Podcast Network's lineup of shows, “David & Stu… Unhinged!” Join the vibrant and unfiltered voices of David Simonetti and Stu Richel as they navigate through the world's most pressing and trivial issues with their unique blend of humor, rage, and a heavy dose of New York sarcasm.

“David & Stu… Unhinged!” offers listeners a distinctive glimpse into contemporary life and politics through the eyes of two of Greenwich Village’s most outspoken residents. David Simonetti, a writer and attorney, teams up with Stu Richel, a critically acclaimed actor, screenwriter, and Vietnam War veteran, to deliver an acerbic yet civilized perspective on life in New York City.

From the absurdity of allowing public defecation on sidewalks to the contentious debates on “discrimination” against overweight individuals, David and Stu leave no stone unturned. Their conversations occasionally veer into the abyss of rage, like Stu's unbridled contempt for Jane Fonda and David's frustration with those who ask for ice cream samples. Despite their generational differences, the duo's common-sense reactions, speckled with off-the-rails humor, anger, and dismay, promise to enchant and engage listeners.

“David & Stu… Unhinged!” is set to debut its pilot episode on June 8, 2024, exclusively on the RAGE Works Podcast Network. New episodes will be released weekly or biweekly, offering a fresh, candid, and often hilarious take on the world’s biggest issues and the minutiae of daily life.

Tune in to join the conversation and experience the unfiltered opinions of David and Stu as they take on the world, one rant at a time.

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